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About mixtape marketing

We are an award winning, full-service
marketing & advertising agency in Austin, TX

Our shop embodies the best of our team’s years of big agency, client-side, small business and international experience. We’re built on the golden rule and powered by referrals, many from other agencies. The Austin community is our first love, but our clients span many countries and industries.

Like the intensely personal and exhaustive act of creating a musical mixtape, we work tirelessly to distinctively express each client’s unique purpose and message in everything we do for them. It’s not a romantic notion. We believe it’s the right way to do business.

We Listen Intently, Think Creatively & Act Efficiently

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Fun Facts About Our Agency

Avg tacos consumed per year
Issues settled on the b-ball court
Music festival parties thrown
Horses ridden to work

We Don’t Market Mixtapes
( It’s Just a Clever Name )

Meet Our Team

We wear lots of hats and turn out an unbelievable amount of work for an agency our size. We’re a family and like our clients to be an extension of that family. We work hard and work hard… and then we make time to play hard.

member photo

Charlie Brown

Principal, Strategist, Media Master
member photo

Ben Steckbeck

Principal, Strategist, Wordsmith
member photo

Craig Steckbeck

Creative Director, Designer
member photo

Wendy Mitchell

Developer, Renaissance Woman
member photo

Neil O'Reilly

Developer, SEO Guru
member photo

Aurora Reyes

Producer, Photographer
(Placeholder Photo = Irony)
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We’ve Been Awarded Some Amazing
Work Since We Launched in 2009

Chameleon Cold-Brew: Branding & Packaging

Legion Firearms: Logo

GBKH LLP: Rebranding

SeniorLivingReports: Animated Video

VH1: Flash Banners

Just Right Lawns: Print Ad

DesktopDirect: iOS App Logo

Granddaddy’s: Branding & Packaging

Kerrville Pediatrics: Logo

Polymathic Consulting: Brand Identity

NEXEO: Company Video

Fossil Art of Texas: Branding & Brochure

Like a Carefully Compiled Mixtape,
a Strategic Marketing Mix
Should Have an Impact Greater
than the Sum of Its Parts

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