mixtape marketing launches ‘Pause+Give’ VTO initiative

Oct 01, 2019

In conjunction with the celebration of our 10-year anniversary later this month, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new ‘Pause+Give’ VTO (volunteer time off) initiative!

VTO is philanthropy-focused PTO (paid time off). Pause+Give encourages team members to get out of the office and donate their time/talents (up to two hours per month or 24 hours per year) to local organizations and causes that mean something to them. It’s our way of shining a light on the important work of others and giving back to the Austin community that’s given so much to us over the years.

You never really “clock out” when you work for a dynamic small business like ours, and balancing that with the equally dynamic demands of life away from the office is somewhat of an art form. Despite our best intentions, finding and allowing ourselves the time to volunteer can be difficult. Pause+Give is a mandate to step away and refocus (and have some fun).

As an extension of our brand… Pause+Give pays tribute to the act of pressing/depressing multiple buttons while syncing audio sources and/or tracks, to create cassette mixtapes (we’re old enough to remember doing that).

As a way of thinking… Pause+Give reinforces the importance of taking time each day to block out the noise and be mindful of the people, ideas and other things that truly matter and keep us grounded.

As a way of being/doing… Pause+Give reminds us of the profound power of giving and the exponential impact we can have when we’re good stewards to the world around us and inspire others to give, too.

We aim to continually refine and grow Pause+Give, to connect with and help more and more deserving organizations and causes. Here’s who/what we’ll be supporting at launch:

Feeling inspired? Need our help making a connection? Want to volunteer with us? Awesome! Holler at us any time.