Cheers to Chameleon Cold-Brew (Acquired by Nestle)

Nov 03, 2017

Huge congrats to our friends at Chameleon Cold-Brew for being acquired by Nestle USA! When founders Steve Williams and Chris Campbell first approached us in 2010, they had a delicious recipe and a tremendous opportunity to be trailblazers in a new category but needed just about everything else. We named, branded and packaged them on their way to market and reconnected at various points in their evolution, including helping with the release of their first RTD (ready-to-drink) products back in 2013.

The truth is, none of what we did would matter, if the product itself wasn’t some of the best damn coffee you can buy. Steve and Chris are pretty alright, too. We feel incredibly blessed for the opportunity they gave us as a very young agency and are proud to be part of their story.

Read BevNET’s full CCB feature here:

Note: This news is further evidence that much of what our Creative Director, Craig Steckbeck, touches turns to gold. He’s too humble to say it, but his work as Art Director was also a big part of Sweet Leaf Tea’s acquisition by Nestle Waters North America in 2011. Just saying… If you want to become independently wealthy but need packaging first, you might consider giving us a call.

BevNET Nestle Chameleon Cold-Brew acquisition
(Image Credit: BevNET)