Cinco de mixtape

Oct 14, 2014

October 14, 2014, marks our five-year anniversary as an agency, and we can’t celebrate this milestone without pausing to reflect and give thanks.

We wouldn’t be here today without these fine folks:
– Paul Brown, who delivered the shit-or-get-off-the-pot ‘pep talk’ we needed to finally get started
– Craig Steckbeck and Wendy Mitchell, who’ve been a huge part of the mixtape family from the very beginning
– Dr. Paul Le, with whom we bartered for our first office space (an 8’x8’ exam room in his pain clinic that one of his patients later drove through, thankfully after we’d moved)
– Our wives, Leah and Aurora, whose continued patience, understanding and encouragement allow us to keep chasing this dream

Of course, so many others have been instrumental – We want to thank ALL of our clients, vendors, partners, friends and families.

We’ve built and continue to run this business our way. There’s oh so much more to that statement… but, above and beyond any financial aspirations, our sincerest hope is that everyone we’ve ever met or worked with feels they were treated fairly and with respect. We’re incredibly lucky to do what we love with people we love in the town we love most and feel genuinely blessed for every opportunity we’ve been afforded.

We’re humbled by the last five years and hungry for the next five…
– Ben & Charlie

P.S. We also want to thank the APD, who legitimized our office shindig and let us off with a warning when it got a little too loud for our neighbors.

mixtape marketing 5-year anniversary party