National Mixtape Day on October 14th?

Jul 30, 2018

UPDATE (8/30/2018): Our submission was approved, but we opted against our choice of the $3,500 “Non-profit/Small Business” or $20,000 “Base Corporate” packages. It’s unfortunate this information wasn’t disclosed anywhere pre-submission. To say the least.


There’s a national day for seemingly everything now. So we’ve submitted that October 14th should be National Mixtape Day. We won’t know if we’ve been selected for 4-6 weeks and appreciate your support while we wait.

National Mixtape Day would be a celebration of art and individual expression. The term “mixtape” was born in the 1980s but has long transcended the analog cassette, having survived the CD and MPEG eras and still serving as the preferred nomenclature in today’s increasingly cloud-based, on-demand digital world. To younger generations, mixtapes are most notably an accessible way for hip-hop artists to self-produce and share their art with fans, new and old… but older generations recall mixtapes as an intensely personal and painstaking (especially when using the radio or another cassette tape as the source to compile tracks) form of storytelling and expression. In fact, cultural historian and essayist Geoffrey O’Brien once referred to the mixtape as “perhaps the most widely practiced American art form.” Beyond age or musical preferences, mixtapes champion the notion that we can all be greater than the sum of our parts when we’re free to express ourselves.

  • If our submission is approved, National Mixtape Day would *coincidentally* fall on the anniversary of the date we founded our company in 2009. We originally launched as “TETON Austin” but changed our name just over a year later. The name “mixtape marketing” reflects our founders’ personal love of music and the high-touch, highly-personalized approach we take to every prospect and client. All that aside, the association with our company would be more of an ‘easter egg’ than anything intended to be front-and-center, in any way. The true/honest intended purpose of this submission is to celebrate art, artists and artistic expression – all things that are sadly being challenged and displaced in today’s society. (National Mixtape Day would genuinely be about something WAY bigger, cooler and more important than we think we are.)
  • Source of Geoffrey O’Brien quote:

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National Mixtape Day October 14 submission