Client & Founder Interviewed on FOX 7 Austin

Dec 01, 2021

We’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with with Matthew Novelli since May. Matthew has battled kidney failure his entire life and needs a transplant. He’s on a multi-year waitlist for a deceased donor but wants to find a living donor and raise awareness for the many others like him that need an organ transplant now.

The waitlist system saves many lives… but it can also lead to unnecessarily long (and often painful) waits, discarded organs (!!!), and loss of life.

Matthew was inspired by someone who found a living kidney donor via Facebook, and he reached out to us for help with paid social ads. We’ve since consulted him in a number of areas and become friends. We’ve been blessed with many incredible clients and projects since 2009, but none have been as humbling and personally meaningful as our “work” with Matthew.

You can only imagine our elation when our we landed an interview with Kacey Bowen at FOX 7 Austin! The story originally aired yesterday, 11/30/21, and has already run a few more times today. You can see the full video here, which includes a brief cameo by one of our co-founders:

If you’re interested in learning more about Matthew’s story and potentially becoming a donor, please, please, please visit his “Matthew’s Kidney Search” page on Facebook:

Thank you!

mixtape marketing's Ben Steckbeck is interviewed on FOX7 Austin by Kacey Bowen for Matthew's Kidney Search