We’re Tops among Branding Agencies and Web Designers.

Dec 05, 2018

Those are Clutch’s words, not ours, of course. They go on to say we “showcase an outstanding ability to understand clients’ unique markets and challenges” and “effectively tell their stories.” Wow, thanks! But we’re a brand-centric agency — what else would we do all day? “Work closely with clients to ensure their websites fit their unique style and business goals,” perhaps? Why, yes! Yes, we do.

We do a lot of different things for a lot of different clients here at mixtape… but, more than anything else, we love building brands and websites. We do a lot of both, in fact. But we’re the first to point out that there are others that build great brands and websites, too. So, all internal monologuing or aside-ing aside, it’s an honor to be recognized by Clutch and among our peers.

Full releases:

mixtape marketing is a Clutch 2018 Top Branding Agency and Top Web Designer