We’re a 2015 Lantern Award of Texas Winner!

Nov 20, 2015

A lot of agencies have massive trophy cases. And that’s great. Being awarded feels great.

We tend to busy ourselves more with work-work, versus working on award submissions — It’s not that we’re not damn proud of what we do; it’s a matter of balancing priorities and bandwidth.

So you can only imagine our joy when a client thinks enough of our work to trumpet it and spend the time to submit it for awards. Big thanks to Newpark Drilling Fluids and our sister agency in Houston, Teton Communications. It’s a tremendous honor to be recognized by BMA Houston as a 2015 Lantern Award of Texas winner.

The award is displayed prominently in our humble trophy case… which also houses our router, server, uninterruptible power supply, printers and extra paper.

mixtape marketing's 2015 Lantern Award of Texas